Botanical Gardens

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Project for valorisation of the territory

“Lorenzo Rota” Botanical Gardens of Bergamo


Meet with the Botanical Gardens guide in Piazza Cittadella. Arrive at the Botanical Gardens of the Upper Town. Interactive guided visit, with special attention given to the useful plants preserved in the Botanical Gardens. During the visit, the participants are invited to know up close some plants used for food, medicine, textiles and energy by using objects to observe and manipulate, and practical activities to do.


Meet with the Botanical Gardens guide in Piazza Cittadella. Walking tour from Piazza Cittadella to the Botanical Gardens in the Upper Town. The visitors will be invited to observe different landscapes and represent them graphically in a scrapbook. The itinerary unwinds also in the historical places of the Botanical Gardens, from the Viscount Hall in Cittadella to the gun powder storehouse at the entrance to the Botanical Gardens. The final visit to the exhibition flowerbeds will give you the chance to collect in your scrapbook objects relative to the plants presented by the guide and create a new graphic representation, thanks to the use of magnifying lenses, of the micro-panoramas observed on the plant materials.

The package includes

A stay in a double room & buffet breakfast.

Minimum number of participants: 25

Rates on request

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