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Upper Town Bergamo

ITINERARY Departure from the bus station in the Lower Town, or from Piazza Mercato delle Scarpe >>>

Lower Town Bergamo

ITINERARY (Can be combined with the visit to the Upper Town & Accademia Carrara) To complete >>>

Accademia Carrara

ITINERARY (Can be combined with the visit to the Upper Town & the Lower Town) To >>>

Pope John XXIII

ITINERARY Arrival in the morning at Sotto il Monte. Gathering at the House of the Pilgrim >>>

Botanical Gardens

ITINERARY 1 Meet with the Botanical Gardens guide in Piazza Cittadella. Arrive at the Botanical Gardens >>>

From mill to Branzi

ITINERARY On the tracks of the original ingredients in the true Orobic taragna cheese cornmeal: from >>>

Valtorta yesterday and today

ITINERARY This itinerary is dedicated to gourmet enthusiasts…and to the nostalgic ones. To all those who >>>

Medieval charm

ITINERARY The Brembana Valley has represented for dozens of years the favorite way to transport and >>>

Taleggio and Strachitunt cheese

ITINERARY Stupendous itinerary to enjoy the genuine charm of a wide lateral Brembana valley, well-known for >>>

Gastronomic excursion

ITINERARY For those who want to indulge in food without feeling guilty for their silhouette, this >>>

San Pellegrino

ITINERARY Arrival in the afternoon in the Liberty-style town of San Pellegrino, well-known for more than >>>

The Highland of the Sun

ITINERARY Lying gently on the highland, the city of Clusone, an orange flag of the Italian >>>

The emotion of the 5 senses

ITINERARY The Cinque Terre, the Five Lands, of Valley Gandino offer a thousand occasions to discover >>>

Wine tours

ITINERARY 1 A walk through the terraced vineyards of Mount Bastia. A visit to the cellars >>>

Intimate Relax

ITINERARY  This wellness itinerary is a not-to-be-missed occasion for couples who want a brief romantic escape >>>

Adventure package

ITINERARY  We know children never sit still, are never tired and always try to find something >>>

Action package

ITINERARY For those who can’t stay put and need a little adrenalin: take a healthy row >>>

Leolandia package

ITINERARY  ITINERARY Leolandia Park extends over a surface of 200,000 sq m with more than 30 >>>

Pacchetto Park & Fly

ITINERARY  The Park & Fly formula allows you to leave for a vacation or a business >>>

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